Thursday, September 20, 2007

DS game a fun way to get your brain in shape

Fall is near, but there is still time to have a little fun and to sharpen your skills before summer memories fade.

Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS is the perfect tool to get ready for back-to-school or work mode for players of all ages.

Much like Brain Age's partner title, Big Brain Academy, Brain Age's genre is fast-paced, challenging mini-games that are supposed to increase your mental agility and thought process. The full title, Brain Age 2: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, is the central theme.

You first go in and get tested to determine an "age" for your brain. You can then train your brain with activities to get that age lower.

Does it work? In the context of these tests, yes. I did get faster and better at them as the days went by.

Does that mean my boss can expect me to come back and create miracles? We'll wait and see. But there's no question the games are challenging and wonderfully addictive.

You use the touch screen and microphone to solve the puzzles, and the key is speed. You have to finish games fast to get better scores.

There's a piano game where you have to touch the keys, a clock spin where you have to guess the time when the clock is upside down, and Memory Sprint, where you must remember which runner was where in a photo finish. As well, expect to answer rapid-fire questions such as "What day was it three days before yesterday?"

Of all the "brain testing" games out there, this is my favourite, as it holds the most challenge and variety. If you want to play games and not feel guilty about it, this is the game for you.


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